Brussels, Belgium

Where do you live?

RYT 200, LDPY (2015); Baptiste Level 1 (2015); Baptiste Advanced Art of Assisting (2016)

# of years teaching yoga:

Do you have a second professional life?
High School English Teacher.

What are your outside interests outside the studio?
Reading, writing, traveling, hiking, Shakespeare.

Where’s your favorite space to rejuvenate in the city?
On a beautiful day, I love to sit under a tree in Prospect Park journaling and writing and daydreaming, but if it’s chilly then I go to La Colombe a few blocks down the road from the Den.

Favorite pre- and post-yoga snacks/meals:
Pre-yoga: coconut water // Post-yoga: vegan mac and cheese.

What’s your favorite pose?
Forearm Stand because it makes me feel badass // Frog Pose because it makes me feel my feelings.

The pose I have a complicated relationship with:
Warrior 1.

What song can you put on repeat?
Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld.

I love:
my life.

I want:
world peace.

Yoga gives me:
strength to be myself.

When I was little I wanted to be:
an actress/veterinarian/UN Ambassador.

I want to change:
my hair cut/color.

I want to give:
up self-doubt.

When I wake up I:
tell myself it’s going to be a great day.

When I teach I feel:
completely present.

When I practice I get:
sweaty, energized, REAL!