All over Pennsylvania

Where do you live?
West Village

Baptiste Levels 1, 2 & 3 (2014-15); Baptiste Art of Assisting and Advanced Art of Assisting (2014-16); currently completing 500 hr Baptiste certification and enrolled in Baptiste Fit to Lead program (2017-18)

# of years teaching yoga:

Do you have a second professional life?
Google and YouTube: I help big brands become bigger, better brands. I also lead the Young Leaders Council, a young professionals group that supports philanthropic efforts at United Way NYC. 

What are your outside interests outside the studio?
Skiing. Traveling. Surfing. Hiking. Figuring out new ways to braid my hair. Dancing to live music. Spending time with my fabulous family and friends. And, photographing and writing about it all.

Where’s your favorite space to rejuvenate in the city?
Christopher Street Pier at sunset.

Favorite pre- and post-yoga snacks/meals:
Pre – a fruit smoothie and lots of electrolyte water. Post – lots of electrolyte water, pizza and fine red wine.

What’s your favorite pose?

The pose I have a complicated relationship with:
Double Pigeon.

What song can you put on repeat?
Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon.

I love:
teaching yoga.

I want:
to write a book.

Yoga gives me:
strength, grace and confidence.

When I was little I wanted to be:
a musical theater actress.

I want to change:
possibilities for women.

I want to give:
a lot of love.

When I wake up I:
chug water.

When I teach I feel:
free to be me.

When I practice I get:
clarity, confidence and freedom.