Los Angeles County, CA

Where do you live?

200 hr, LDPY (2015)

# of years teaching yoga:

Do you have a second professional life?:
Yes! I work in philanthropy in the heart of midtown.

What are your outside interests outside the studio?
Exploring new places and trying new things – there’s always something new the world has to offer. Unplanned walks in the city, reading on the subway and writing – letters, essays, poems, lists, ideas…it’s my most satisfying form of expression.

Where’s your favorite space to rejuvenate in the city?
Lyons Den Power Yoga then a walk through the city to bask in the glow and take in the world.

Favorite pre- and post-yoga snacks/meals:
H2O, H2O, H2O and fresh fruit if I’m feeling clean or a fluffy, buttery, sweet french toast if I’m feeling indulgent.

What’s your favorite pose?
It’s always changing based on what I’m discovering in my practice. Right now, I’m enjoying picking an idea, like opening or lifting, that will give me access to something I need. Then I play with how I can incorporate that into the way I express each pose.

The pose I have a complicated relationship with:
Upward Facing Dog – we do it so many times in the practice that it becomes easy to default into routine. I would like to bring more awareness to each time I do it.

What song can you put on repeat?
Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles and Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys.

I love:
feeling connected to others.

I want:
to grow, always.

Yoga gives me:
reassurance, confidence, clarity.

When I was little I wanted to be:
an archaeologist (like Indiana Jones) or paleontologist (like in Jurassic Park).

I want to give:
others hope, in themselves, their possibilities.

When I wake up I:
love the feeling of my warm bed.

When I teach I feel:
grounded, energized, hopeful.

When I practice I get:
more open to possibility.