Bloomfield, NJ

Where do you live?
New Providence, NJ

RYT 200 hr (2012); Baptiste Certified Instructor (2016); Baptiste Fit to Lead (2016-17); Baptiste Levels 1, 2, & 3 (2013-15); Art of Assisting (2014); Advanced Art of Assisting (2016); Strala Intensive for Teachers (2012)

# of years teaching yoga:

Do you have a second professional life?
I am a yoga teacher and a mom to two beautiful kiddos and I hold a Masters degree in teaching and taught Spanish for eight years.

What are your outside interests outside the studio?
Spending time with husband and two children. We go for hikes, take trips to the beach or just hang out. We create an annual “52 in 52” list of things we want to do in the 52 weeks of the year: things like going skiing for the first time or make-your-own-pizza night with friends. It’s fun to see how much we can accomplish in the year.

Where’s your favorite space to rejuvenate in the city?
Central Park.

Favorite pre- and post-yoga snacks/meals:
TIU Protein Shake.

What’s your favorite pose?
Half Moon Pose. It shows up differently in every practice and it will usually mirror how I’m feeling. Sometimes it’s choppy and unbalanced and I have to grab my block, or it can show up light and effortless so I can bind and balance with ease. I can never force this pose and it always allows me the opportunity to grow.

The pose I have a complicated relationship with:
Frog Pose…we’ve both come to accept it, grow from it and move on. When I am in Frog pose, I surrender to the discomfort and bring awareness to my breath…I survive every time 😉

What song can you put on repeat?
In a Little While by U2.

I love:
my family.

I want:
health and happiness for my family and friends.

Yoga gives me:
a connection my true self (who I am without the roles and the noise) and inner peace.

When I was little I wanted to be:
a pediatrician.

I want to change:
the quality time that I spend with people that matter to me.

I want to give:
more attention to the small moments in life.

When I wake up I:
need coffee.

When I teach I feel:
happy to be of service to others.

When I practice I get:
quiet time and me time.